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We offer the following programs:

Immersion Spanish

Our total immersion classes emphasize conversation and provide children with the opportunity to speak Spanish from their first moment in class. We present our students with kid-friendly teaching materials such as storybooks, arts & crafts, songs, comics, games and many other activities that use language.

Our focus is on activity and interaction, rather than memorization and rules. In other words, children learn by speaking and doing. For vocabulary acquisition, we use real communication instead of repetitive reading or writing. We interact only in the foreign language. Using the foreign language for everyday activities brings it alive and teaches children basic vocabulary in context. Mastering difficult concepts is facilitated by a small class size.

Native Spanish

This program was developed to fulfill the wish of Spanish-speaking parents in the community that their kids become literate in Spanish. From our personal experience, kids raised in Spanish-speaking households understand and sometimes speak the language, but have very limited grammatical and writing skills, required to become proficient in any language.

In this program, children reinforce and broaden the scope of the language learned at home and learn to read and write in Spanish using a variety of teaching methodologies. We believe it is extremely important for these kids to become bilingual not only to have a competitive advantage in the academic and professional world but also to be able to better understand and preserve their Spanish and Latin-American heritage.

Preschool Classes

Our Preschool Classes provide a fun, nurturing and creative environment where children 3-5 years old learn Spanish through experience. This dynamic and engaging program follows a thematic curriculum that incorporates singing, movement, storytelling, snack time and art projects, making it possible for kids to absorb Spanish in a completely natural way. The classes also help children develop emergent literacy skills, including fine motor skills, sequencing, matching, and sound identification, by using a variety of teaching methodologies.

The low teacher-to-student ratio of this class (maximum of 8 children per teacher) ensures each child gets individualized attention. We suggest taking this class more than once a week to provide a "preschool" experience for your child. Classes are drop-off and last two-hours.

Mommy and Me

This interactive and fun curriculum teaches Spanish to children 18 months to 3 years old through songs, movement and games that involve all of the five senses. Children will have the opportunity to hear, repeat and experience Spanish since the first moment in class. They will be exposed to a variety of activities that will help them learn the language in a natural and effective way. Children attend this class with a parent or caregiver.